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My Nintendo DS

Ryan and his DS I have a black Nintendo DS that was given to me by my Uncle as a Christmas Present (2008).

I bought a Yoshi case from Walmart.  It came with a bunch of screen protectors, a new stylist, and a cover skin of Yoshi.

What is Nintendo DS?

Nintendo DSThe Nintendo DS provides users with a unique game-play experience using features never before offered by any other home console or hand-held game system. This portable personal entertainment and communications unit provides owners with new perspectives on dual screens, new control using both touch and voice and new connections with two kinds of wireless game play. It's a newfound canvas on which developers can express their creativity. With its two screens, Nintendo DS instantly shows its innovative face. But capabilities like a touch-screen input, voice recognition and wireless communication set it apart from every other game device, and again demonstrate Nintendo's passion for groundbreaking originality.

Description from GamePro.com.

My Nintendo DS Games

Super Mario DS

Super Mario DS

Megaman ZX Advent DS

Megaman zx Advent

Sonic Rush DS

Sonic Rush

Kirby Superstar Ultra DS

Kirby Super Star Ultra

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